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5 healthy snacks for weight loss

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

Snacking in between meals has received a bad reputation in today's world of diet culture, restrictions, counting macros and/or calories and other unnecessary complexities.

The reality is, sometimes your body needs a little extra nourishment in between meals.

This is totally normal and totally OK!

Ignoring your body's hunger signs and allowing yourself to get to the point when “hangry” kicks in doesn't do you, your body or anyone around you any good.

When you find yourself feeling hungry - listen to your body. Have a snack.

Yes, I said it….have a snack!

Focus on eating for the energy that your body needs. This means fueling it with whole nutrient-rich foods that are going to leave you feeling energized without any of the guilt.

Here are 5 go-to healthy snack ideas to fuel your body right:

  1. Veggies & hummus

  2. Nuts & fresh or dried fruit

  3. Cheese & whole wheat crackers

  4. Yogurt with berries

  5. Celery & peanut butter (or for a sweeter flavor try dates & peanut butter!)

All of these snacks will leave you feeling healthy, nourished and energized - without any of the guilt!

And don't forget if you try any of these snacks - take a photo and tag @wellnesswithabbeyh on Instagram. I love to see how you are snacking!

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