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Imagine feeling confident in your body - putting on clothes that make you feel amazing and being proud of your reflection in the mirror.

Imagine creating habits that feel easy - habits that work with your busy schedule and allow you to live the life you love.

Imagine waking up with your alarm - feeling energized, ready to start the day on your terms.

Imagine being more present with your family and being able to fully enjoy the little moments that make up our lives?

Imagine knowing exactly what foods nourish your body and feeling in control around food in any situation.

Imagine becoming the woman you want to be - the woman who takes care of herself, who knows her worth and is ready to share it with the world.

All of this is possible for you - and there is one simple way to create it....

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Quiet Your Inner Mean Girl

"Before coaching with Abbey, I was frustrated. I didn't believe I could successfully lose weight. I thought negatively about food and myself. Since starting the program, I feel changed! My mindset has shifted - I'm looking at everything completely differently. It feels effortless at times. I thought this was just about weight loss but that's the least of it. I'm so proud of my new mindset, my determination and my growth. This experience has been deeply rewarding. It's life changing. Get coached by Abbey - DO IT! If you are struggling, it's the best decision you could make."
 - Sarah

It doesn't matter when you start - or how many things you have tried in the past. What matters is if you believe it's possible - if you believe that you are capable. What matters is the words you speak to yourself when it feels hard to step outside your comfort zone.

Because the thoughts you believe is the reality you create.

It's why when you feel like you've been working so hard but you tell yourself you aren't making any progress - you give up.

It's why when you tell yourself you are too busy or you will get to it one day - you never start.

It's why when you tell yourself that you don't have time, that everyone and everything else needs you - you'll never come first.

It's why you are settling for a life where you feel uncomfortable in your body, where you can't stop beating yourself up and comparing yourself to others - thinking they have it all figured out.

Your Inner Mean Girl is winning.

Your inner mean girl tells you stories. Stories that spiral you in overwhelm and self-doubt. Stories that frustrate you and keep you feeling stuck. Stories that cause you to give up on creating the life you really want. Stories she repeats so often they feel like the truth. When, in reality, they are just that - stories. Stories you have the power to rewrite.

This is the power of quieting your inner mean girl.

And when you learn to quiet her down, you'll discover what's really possible - what you are truly capable of - and how simple it can be.

It's time to Quiet Your Inner Mean Girl and create the habits, the confidence - and the life you want.


“This is a turning point for me - I am now believing that I CAN do this AND I can maintain it”



“I now have the tools to do this in an easy way that I can continue - the hard is gone.”


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I'm Abbey Heagney

I'm a board-certified health and life coach and creator of Confident Mind & Body.


For years and years and years, I was a victim of my inner mean girl. I used to tell myself that I wasn't good enough, I wasn't pretty enough, skinny enough - confident enough. 

I used to think...when I get there, I'll feel confident - I'll be happier.

I used to believe that the more I criticized my body and beat myself up - the more motivated I would be to change.

I tried it all - the diets, the restrictions, hours at the gym trying to burn off and make up for the choices I had made.

It all felt so hard - and I never felt better. No matter what I doing, what I looked like or what number I saw on the scale.

Because no matter what I did - or what I achieved, my inner mean girl was still there.

And as long as I let her tell me that I wasn't good enough, pretty enough, skinny enough - confident enough...I would never be enough.

I would look for all of the evidence that she was right - I'd beat myself up until eventually I gave up. I repeated this cycle over and over again.

Until I learned to quiet my inner mean girl.

The day I quieted my inner mean girl is the day my life changed.

It was the day that I realized that underneath my inner mean girl was my confident self - the version of me that dreams big and sets goals - and believes she's capable of achieving them. The version of me who feels empowered and motivated - who had the courage to rewrite her story - and create the habits, the confidence and the life she wants.

What would your life be life if you learned to quiet your inner mean girl?

As someone who has struggled with her inner mean girl and as a coach who has witnessed women learning to quiet her down, I know that it will be better than you even imagine. 

The question is...are you ready?


Before coaching with Abbey, I did not know where to go - I felt lost when it came to how to progress towards my goal. Abbey provided me with a roadmap of concrete tools to work with. She helped me to recognize what's happening, how it aligns with the end result I want and that I can achieve any goals I set.


~ Andrea

Since starting the program, I feel more in control of myself, my actions/reactions, and the way that I let certain things make me feel.

 Coaching has allowed me to really dig into some things I didn’t want to. I started for the “diet” situation and got so much more than I expected!



Everything has changed since I started! Before coaching, I struggled with negative thinking about myself - feeling like I'm not enough. My whole life has changed because of you and our talks! I can now say that I love myself and mean it. I feel confident. My mindset is totally different, and I think if I hadn't gotten in touch with Abbey things would still be unhealthy and I wouldn't be so happy.


The changes that I have seen in the last few months since I have been meeting with Abbey have truly been life changing! I feel better equipped to deal with stressful situations and my anxiety by realizing the benefit that taking time out for myself has. I have been sleeping better, I feel more productive at work and I feel healthier and all around just more happy. Thank you Abbey!!

~ Courtney

"If you are thinking about coaching with Abbey - DO IT! Having someone in your corner is the best thing you never knew you needed. It really is life-changing! I now know exactly what it is that I need. I have control, I'm able to manage my life - and I've created the life that I love.



Confident Mind & Body is where you quiet your inner mean girl and bring out your confidence self - your favorite version of YOU. It's where you create the habits and the confidence you want while living the life you love. Its where you blow your mind with what's possible. 

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