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Abbey Heagney, health coach, mindset coach, confidence coach, weigh loss coach, coach for

Confident Mind & Body

Finally create the habits, the confidence - and the life of your dreams.

"Before coaching with Abbey, I was frustrated. I didn't believe I could successfully lose weight. I thought negatively about food and myself. Since starting the program, I feel changed! My mindset has shifted - I'm looking at everything completely differently. It feels effortless at times. I thought this was just about weight loss but that's the least of it. I'm so proud of my new mindset, my determination and my growth. This experience has been deeply rewarding. It's life changing. Get coached by Abbey - DO IT! If you are struggling, it's the best decision you could make."
 - Sarah

Confident Mind & Body

you'll stop obsessing over food, calories and your weight. You'll learn to eat for your body and feel in control around food in any situation.

you'll quiet your inner mean girl and gain confidence in who you are, the decisions you make, the body you have and the habits you create.

you'll lose those stubborn pounds without restricting your favorite foods or feeling guilty and deprived - and you'll feel confident that this time, you'll keep them off. 

you'll create habits that actually last, that feel good to you - and that allow you to live the life you love - while still being there for everyone and everything tht needs you.

Abbey Heagney, health coach, confidence coach, mindset coach, health coach for women, weig

Feel healthier and more confident than ever before, faster and easier than you ever thought possible.

If you have ever thought...
"but I've tried everything."
If you are tired of dieting, restricting, counting, tracking, beating yourself up and being last on the priority list, Confident Mind & Body is for you.

It's not like other programs. I don't make you shove your life into a tiny little box where it doesn't fit - I help you create the life of your dreams with habits and the confidence you deserve.

It's not about finding the perfect plan; it's about creating the habits, the confidence and the life of your dreams

My promise to you is that, in six months, you will feel more confident in your habits, your body & your life.

Does this sound familiar?

You have an inner mean girl that tells you that it's not going to work, that you'll never be able to do it - that you've tried everything and nothing works. She tells you that you're too busy, too tired, that there isn't enough time and everyone and everything else needs you. She pulls you towards the quick fix and likes to tell you that restricting yourself is the only way. And the harder you work, the more she likes to tell you that it's not happening fast enough - that you'll never be able to keep up- that everyone else can do it, but not you.


But what you are not hearing is the voice that is telling you that you can do it -that you are worth it. You are worth investing time, energy and money to feel your best - because when you feel good, you show up with more energy, focus and presence for those that need you. What you're not hearing is the voice that is telling you that food is really just food and that you are always in control - that you can say yes to foods when you want them and no when you don't, and you are ALWAYS capable of stopping when you are satisfied. What you aren't hearing is the voice that is telling you that you are capable of creating healthy habits and sticking with them, of feeling better - healthier and more confident than ever before - regardless of what you have tried in the past. And that you can do it simply & effectively. 

That's where I come in.

I help you to quiet your inner mean girl so you can feel empowered and in control.
You'll create healthy habits that work for you and your life, so you never have to start over again.

I teach you exactly what to do when "life happens" and throws you off track - so that you keep going, and never give up on yourself again.
And you'll gain confidence in your decisions, your habits, your mind and your body.



You are meant for so much more. You are meant to live a healthy, confident life you love.

Just imagine

​Living every day feeling COMFORTABLE in your own skin and PROUD of your body.

Finally putting yourself FIRST - without any guilt.

Never having to "start over again" and feeling confident that the habits you've created are for THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.

Changing your relationship with food, your body and your weight so you NEVER have to obsess again. 

Showing up consistently, with confidence, and being able to LIVE THE LIFE YOU LOVE without overwhelm.

Waking up every morning SO SURE of who you are and what you've created that you no longer seek comfort in food or frivolous spending.

Having the energy to keep up with your kids, work and life and LIVING AS THE EXAMPLE YOU WANT TO BE.

Feeling IN CONTROL around food, no matter what the situation, and finally freeing yourself from diets and restrictions.

Having MORE PATIENCE to be the mom and partner you want to be - creating stronger, happier relationships than ever before.

Being able to QUIET THAT INNER MEAN GIRL when she gets loud and make decisions that make you feel proud.

Being able to TRUST YOURSELF completely and actually follow through on the goals you set and the plan you make, even when life feels hard.


"I've lost over 20lbs, I've completely changed my eating habits, I'm working out consistently and I'm confident that I will never go back to the place I once was. I used to not value myself, I didn't even remotely like myself - now I love who I am, and I see moving my body and eating healthy as self-care and self-respect. I couldn't have done it without you."

Real results that speak for themselves

Quote Mark

Before coaching with Abbey, I did not know where to go - I felt lost when it came to how to progress towards my goal. Abbey provided me with a roadmap of concrete tools to work with. She helped me to recognize what's happening, how it aligns with the end result I want and that I can achieve any goals I set.


~ Andrea

Quote Mark

Since starting the program, I feel more in control of myself, my actions/reactions, and the way that I let certain things make me feel.

 Coaching has allowed me to really dig into some things I didn’t want to. I started for the “diet” situation and got so much more than I expected!



Quote Mark

Everything has changed since I started! Before coaching, I struggled with negative thinking about myself - feeling like I'm not enough. My whole life has changed because of you and our talks! I can now say that I love myself and mean it. I feel confident. My mindset is totally different, and I think if I hadn't gotten in touch with you things would still be unhealthy and I wouldn't be so happy.


Quote Mark

I just got home from the doctor and she is very happy with what I am doing. I have brought my sugar levels down and my blood pressure is very good! I was pre-diabetic, but since working with you my health has improved so much, my doctor just took me off my medication. She said I no longer need it. Thank you!!!

~ Mindy 

Quote Mark

The changes that I have seen in the last few months since I have been meeting with Abbey have truly been life changing! I feel better equipped to deal with stressful situations and my anxiety by realizing the benefit that taking time out for myself has. I have been sleeping better, I feel more productive at work and I feel healthier and all around just more happy. Thank you Abbey!!

~ Courtney

"If you are thinking about coaching with Abbey - DO IT! Having someone in your corner is the best thing you never knew you needed. It really is life-changing! I now know exactly what it is that I need. I have control, I'm able to manage my life - and I've created the life that I love.

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