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Abbey Heagney, health coach, mindset coach, confidence coach, weigh loss coach, coach for

Feel healthier and more confident

while living the life you love.

In Confident Mind & Body you do just that.

You'll quiet your inner mean girl,
drop the diets and the restrictions,
release the guilt that has been weighing you down
and you'll create habits that feel good and actually last.

And you'll do it simply and effectively.

"Before coaching with Abbey, I was frustrated. I didn't believe I could successfully lose weight. I thought negatively about food and myself. Since starting the program, I feel changed! My mindset has shifted - I'm looking at everything completely differently. It feels effortless at times. I thought this was just about weight loss but that's the least of it. I'm so proud of my new mindset, my determination and my growth. This experience has been deeply rewarding. It's life changing. Get coached by Abbey - DO IT! If you are struggling, it's the best decision you could make."
 - Sarah

This is the program you've been looking for if

I know you are probably thinking "but I've tried everything."
I get it - and that shows your dedication and your desire to change.

That's just your inner mean girl trying to protect you - she doesn't want you to "fail" again, so she wants to stop you from taking any further action. But those other plans weren't designed for you - they didn't take into account your lifestyle or your time. They didn't address her nagging voice inside your head or teach you how to quiet her down.

I've been there.

That's why I do things differently. 

When I learned to quiet that negative voice inside my head and calm the emotional roller coaster of "doing all the things" - everything changed.

I felt free.

I finally felt healthy & confident and was able to create habits that felt good - that actually lasted. And I did it all while living the life I loved - without any restrictions or guilt.

I want this for you too.


Abbey Heagney, health coach, confidence coach, mindset coach, health coach for women, weig

Confident Mind & Body (6-month program)

You'll gain

  • control over your inner mean girl

  • simple, permanent solutions that work for YOU

  • healthy habits that actually last - and feel good 

  • confidence in your body, your mind and your decisions

  • energy to keep up with your kids, work and life so you can enjoy it all

  • the ability to be present in your life - without obsessing over food, weight loss, or all the "have to's"

  • a healthy relationship with food and confidence to enjoy ALL foods regardless of the situation

  • freedom from guilt, shame and restrictions

  • consistency in routines that work for you, that lift you up and make you feel good

  • the ability to manage your stress no matter what life is throwing your way

  • more patience and focus to be the mom, the partner, the employee you want to be

  • total clarity over how to interrupt your inner mean girl and maintain these habits with ease

  • feeling great in your clothes and proud of what you see in the mirror

  • belief in yourself that you've never had before

  • time for yourself and a greater sense of calm so you can be the best version of you

  • mental peace, energy and confidence



"Abbey's coaching was exactly what I needed"
 - Nicola

"Abbey's coaching was exactly what I needed"
 - Nicola

"Abbey's coaching was exactly what I needed"
 - Nicola

"Abbey's coaching was exactly what I needed"
 - Nicola

"Abbey's coaching was exactly what I needed"
 - Nicola

What Clients are Saying

Quote Mark

Before coaching with Abbey, I did not know where to go - I felt lost when it came to how to progress towards my goal. Abbey provided me with a roadmap of concrete tools to work with. She helped me to recognize what's happening, how it aligns with the end result I want and that I can achieve any goals I set.


~ Andrea

Quote Mark

Since starting the program, I feel more in control of myself, my actions/reactions, and the way that I let certain things make me feel.

 Coaching has allowed me to really dig into some things I didn’t want to. I started for the “diet” situation and got so much more than I expected!



Quote Mark

Everything has changed since I started! Before coaching, I struggled with negative thinking about myself - feeling like I'm not enough. My whole life has changed because of you and our talks! I can now say that I love myself and mean it. I feel confident. My mindset is totally different, and I think if I hadn't gotten in touch with you things would still be unhealthy and I wouldn't be so happy.


Quote Mark

I just got home from the doctor and she is very happy with what I am doing. I have brought my sugar levels down and my blood pressure is very good! I was pre-diabetic, but since working with you my health has improved so much, my doctor just took me off my medication. She said I no longer need it. Thank you!!!

~ Mindy 

Abbey Heagney, NBC-HWC | Board Certified Health & Mindset Coach

She's been in the driver's seat for too long. It's time to put your inner mean girl in the backseat where she belongs.

She likes to tell you that everyone and everything else is more important - what she's not telling you is that you'll show up for them with more energy and focus and presence when you take time for yourself first.

She likes to tell you that food is "good" or "bad" and make you feel guilty and out of control when you don't follow the "perfect" plan, but what she's not telling you is that food is just food - until she gives it meaning. And there is no perfect plan - there is just the plan that is perfect for you.

She likes to tell you that you have no control and that you'll feel so deprived if you don't give into your cravings, but what she's not telling you that you can say yes to foods when you want them and no to them when you don't.

She likes to tell you that you'll never be able to lose weight and keep it off, but what she's not telling you is how possible it actually is, regardless of what you've tried in the past. 

And she will always tell you that it's too hard to stick with healthy habits - and she'll never tell you how simple and effective it can actually be.

That's where I come in.
With me as your coach you will: 
  • learn to quiet that inner mean girl voice inside your head, so you feel empowered and in control.
  • create healthy habits that work for YOU and your lifestyle, so you never have to "start over" again.
  • learn exactly what to do when "life happens" and throws you off track - so you keep going.
  • gain confidence and control and feel empowered to own your decisions and your habits.

Those days of her driving your decisions are over.

you know taking time for yourself is important and makes you a better person, but your inner mean girl tells you that you can't because everyone and everything else needs you more.

(I get it!)

you know you want to feel better - you want to like what you see when you look in the mirror, you want to have more energy and more confidence, but that inner voice tells you that you've already tried everything and nothing works. 

(I've got you)

you wish you could enjoy delicious food in moderation, but you consistently lose control, eat it all and find yourself back on the guilt train beating yourself up and spending days trying to make up for it.

(I feel this!)

you have accomplished so much in your life already but feel stuck in this one area - you can't seem to stay consistent no matter how hard you try, and your inner critic likes to remind you that you are way too busy to figure it out.

(I hear this)

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