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25 Days of Small Steps

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

We're a month+ into 2022 - a time when motivation from the New Year begins to wane - and I don't want you to lose an ounce of motivation.

To help keep the momentum going, I'm inviting you to join the 25 Days of Small Steps Challenge.

A SIMPLE Challenge designed to eliminate the overwhelm and keep you exploring your path and progressing towards your goal.

All you need is to commit to just one small step every day for 25 Days (and if you're catching this after February - any 25 days will do!)

That's it - ONE small thing every day to explore your journey further and progress towards your goal.

Just ONE small thing.

You can choose to take 25 different steps, or the same step 25 times (or something in between!) - it's totally up to you.

The goal is simply to keep moving - one step at a time.

Keep believing in yourself and the power of these small steps.

And just wait and see the momentum you keep and the progress you make.

Download the tracker and go take that first step today!

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