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Self-care isn't selfish (from theory to practice)

Self-care isn't selfish.


We all know this in theory - very few of us know it in practice.


Imagine living your life feeling as if you were taken care of every day.


The feeling you have when you leave the spa after an amazing massage - or when you have the luxury of a slow morning where you can enjoy a hot cup of coffee without interruption.


For most of us, days like that feel impossible.


But you don't need spa days and slow mornings to feel taken care of.


You have the ability to create that feeling every single day. 


No matter how busy your schedule - or how many people are depending on you.


How you experience your life and how taken care of you feel is up to you.


This is what my clients are doing inside Confident Mind & Body.


It's why creating the habits, the confidence and the life they want feels so easy - even after years and years of it feeling so hard.


They're learning that even when life is life-ing, they're in charge of their experience.


They get to feel taken care of.


Occasionally self-care IS a spa day or a slow morning with a hot cup of coffee and a book - but more often it's a nourishing meal. It's choosing foods they love that love them right back.

It's moving their body out of love instead of punishment.

It's drinking water out of a wine glass because it feels luxurious.

It's buying themselves flowers.

It's cleaning their space so they feel organized.

It's asking for help when needed.

It's a bike ride with their kids or date night with their partner.

It's going for a walk on a beautiful day.

It's waking up with the sun or slowing down enough to enjoy the sunset.


It's saying yes to themselves even if it means that they are saying no to others.


It's making decisions that they love - and honoring those decisions knowing it's the best thing for them and for everyone around them.


This is self-care.


This is the Confident Mind & Body experience.


This is how you deserve to feel.


Happy Monday.

xx, Abbey

P.S if you are ready to feel taken care of every day, I invite you to join Confident Mind & Body and create the habits, the confidence and the life you want...with me right by your side.

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