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Why diets don't work - in one simple sentence

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

Easter 2021 was very much like Easter 2020 in the Heagney household. We kept it low key - enjoyed time outside, a home cooked dinner and a delicious Oreo cheesecake from our favorite local bakery.

It was the first time my kids had cheesecake. My son much preferred his Easter candy but my daughter LOVED it.

The following night, my kids enjoyed a treat from their Easter basket and I once again pulled out the cheesecake to cut a piece for my husband and me.

When my daughter asked for a piece and I told her no because she already had a treat, her response made me laugh and then I immediately thought that it was the most genius explanation as to why diets don't work.

At just 3 years old, she summed it up so simply:

"My brain just wants cheesecake," she said.

Our brains just want cheesecake.

So simple and yet such an accurate explanation as to why so many diets fail.

Diets tell you everything you can and can't do, but they don't tell you how to navigate the murky sludge of your thoughts that are causing you to only think about cheesecake.

This is why I love being a health coach.

I get to help my clients to dig through the mud of their thoughts and discover what they want to achieve, what's working for them and what's not and most importantly what is limiting their belief that they can succeed.

The next time you are frustrated with dieting and a lack of results. Know that it's not you.

The diet is failing you.

It hasn't taken into account the largest, most powerful muscle in your body - your brain.

Diets leave you to fend for yourself and when you're not properly equipped, your brain will always win.

Your brain likes comfort, it likes familiar, it doesn't want to change.

It needs guidance, it needs accountability, it needs trust.

It's not you, you are not failing.

It's the diet, the diet is failing you.

You have the power to make change. You can achieve the results you want.

And it begins with your brain.

I would love to hear from you! Drop a comment with any experience you've had in relation to this concept or any questions you have for me. I want to hear it all!


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