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Abbey Heagney, health coach, mindset coach, weight loss, women, confidence

I understand you, because I was you.

I've been frustrated, I've been filled with self-doubt, I've felt deprived - over and over again.


Nothing worked.


I never thought it would be possible to look at my body without criticizing it - and I couldn't imagine ever loving it. I was stuck.


Until I learned I wasn't. I never was.

I had just been doing it all wrong.

And I'm so glad I did - because now I can help you do it all right.

For over 20 years, I struggled to look at myself in the mirror. I used food and movement as punishment and now I'm living in a body I love every day. Not because I found the "perfect plan" or have the "perfect body" but because I stopped judging and started loving - even when it felt hard.

I became aware that my body wasn't the problem - it was how I was talking to myself.

I learned to quiet my inner mean girl and started to rewrite my story - this time an inspiring one.

I stopped looking at all the things that weren't working and started to look at what was.

And I started making decisions for ME and MY BODY - instead of basing them on what worked for others.


I help you do this too.

So you can enjoy your life and all your favorite things, make choices that feel good to YOU and feel better than you ever felt before - without restrictions, judgement or guilt.

If you've tried all the things - this is exactly what you need. 

And the best part? 

It's simple and effective.

Are you ready?

Board Certified Health & Mindset Coach

I am board certified health coach - a nationally recognized certification in collaboration with National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME).

And I want you to feel your best. I want you to feel healthy and confident while living the life you love with all your favorite things. Because let's be honest - that's what it's really all about. You are meant to live your life, for your body - unapologetically. 

You can do this when you release the judgement from yourself and others and get super clear on what works for you.

I help you do this.

Abbey Heagney | board certified health and mindset coach
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