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Hi, I'm Abbey!

I'm a board-certified health & life coach. For the past five years, I have been coaching women to quiet their inner mean girl and create the habits, the confidence and the life that they want - and to do it SIMPLY.

I know how hard it can be - how frustrating and overwhelming it can feel. I also know how incredibly amazing it can be to do it on YOUR terms.

Which is exactly why I created Confident Mind & Body.


For years I beat myself up. I restricted foods, I criticized my body - and believed my inner mean girl when she told me I wasn't enough.

All I wanted was to feel healthy and confident in my body - and to enjoy my life without obsessing over food, movement and the number I saw on the scale.

I was convinced that it had to be hard.

But now I know the truth: my body was never the problem. It was always my inner mean girl.

And it doesn't have to be hard - but you have to learn to quiet her down.

When I learned to quiet my inner mean girl, my life change.

How I saw myself changed.
What I believed was possible changed.
What I believed I was capable of changed.
The habits I created and the confidence I felt changed.

This is the power of Quieting your Inner Mean Girl.

This is exactly what we do inside Confident Mind & Body.

It's time to create the habits, the confidence - and the life you want.

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What is


A private coaching program that helps you to quiet your inner mean girl and create the habits, the confidence and the life you want - SIMPLY. In a way that works for you, your body and your life. In a way that changes you and feels easy to maintain.

So many women are believing the stories of their inner mean girl.

They don't believe they are enough. They lack confidence. They tell themselves that they can never stick with anything, that they lack consistency and willpower.

They see themselves as too busy and too tired. They see themselves as overwhelmed and overweight. They see themselves as different and believe others can do it, but they can't.


They believe that change has to be hard and that the only way is restricting, counting and tracking, hours at the gym and giving up all of their favorite things.

In Confident Mind & Body, you learn to quiet your inner mean girl and rewrite your story - an empowering and motivating story that reminds you what is possible...and what you are capable of.

Because the stories you believe will either move you towards your goals OR away from them.

What We Do


How you think and feel about yourself is the foundation of the habits you create, the confidence you feel and the life you live. You will learn to quiet your inner mean girl and create an empowering and motivating mindset that allows you to show up as the woman you are.


The way you create your habits, is the way you need to maintain your habits. You will learn to create habits that work for you, your body - and your life. And you'll do it in a way that becomes who you are and what you do so that maintaining them finally feels easy.


Confidence isn't a destination. Confidence is what you believe is possible - and what you believe you are capable of. It's how you show up and how you carry yourself. It's the words you speak to yourself and others. In Confident Mind & Body, you'll discover it's already a part of you - and it deserves a bigger role in your life.

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