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Wellness Pillar: Stress Management

Stress is everywhere - it affects all of us.

It's your kids screaming when you need them to be quiet.

It's another request from your boss when you're on a deadline.

It's trying to find time to work out or cook dinner during a busy day.

It's hitting every red light when you're running late.

It's so many things. And yet it's none of these things.

It’s not your kids - or your boss. It’s not the busy day or the red lights.

These aren't the stress.

The stress is your brain believing these things were not meant to be a part of the process.

It's the could of, should of, would of.

It's thinking things shouldn't happen - or shouldn't be happening now. It's thinking things should happen faster - or differently.

It's believing everything should be smooth sailing when you were always meant to brave some rough seas from time to time.

It's why taking a moment, going for a walk, moving your body, journaling or meditating helps to relieve stress.

It resets your brain.

It brings awareness to your thoughts. It offers perspectives and clarity.

It helps calm your nerves and release your stress.

It turns the stress of screaming kids or your boss into "I can't control others, but can control how I respond".

It turns busy days into "today I'm trying my best and my best doesn't include everything".

It turns the red lights into "this happens and that's OK".

So today I offer you this new perspective.

What you think is stress is not. Stress is your thoughts. Always.

So the next time you feel stressed, slow down, tune into your thoughts - challenge them, embrace a different point of view and then CHOOSE what you want to believe.

You don't have to choose rainbows and butterflies if that doesn't feel good - but you also don't need to choose dark clouds and lightning. There is a lot in between, just waiting for you. You get to decide.

And when you decide, you will always find yourself right where you were meant to be.

And if you struggle with stress, join Healthy Mind & Body - you'll learn how to manage stress in a way that works for you and SO MUCH more.

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