and feel healthier and more confident in your mind & body

Create healthy habits for life

 Healthy Mind & Body 

Healthy Mind & Body gives you the support and tools you need to make your goals a reality - no matter how busy life is.


You'll stop saying "I start tomorrow" and you'll start doing - with a clear and simple plan.


You'll create healthy habits that work for you and your lifestyle, so you don't have to miss out on the things you love the most. 


You'll learn what gives your body the energy you need to keep up with your work, your kids - life! - and you'll enjoy the process because it works for YOU.


You'll leave the program feeling healthier and more confident than ever before - with habits that will last.


What you'll gain:

  • Confidence in your mind & your body

  • Knowledge of how to build a balanced plate that is satisfying and delicious - without restrictions

  • More energy to enjoy the life you love with those you love the most

  • Awareness of your body's cues and how to respond in a way that makes you feel good

  • More control over food and pride in your ability to mindfully enjoy ALL foods 

  • Knowledge of what makes you feel your best and trust in every small step you take

  • Freedom from guilt, shame, restrictions and negative self-talk

  • Trust in your body and your strength

  • A greater sense of calm and less stress so you can show up as the best version of yourself

  • Consistency in routines that work for you and your lifestyle

  • Health, happiness, a positive mindset that motivates and empowers you

What’s included:

  • 60-minute Consultation to lay the foundation for your program

  • 24 weekly private coaching calls (45 minutes)

  • Unlimited email and text support between sessions

  • A step-by-step personalized journey to help you achieve your goals

  • Access to a library of healthy recipes 


This is the plan you've been waiting for. Join today. 

Quote Mark

I just got home from the doctor and she is very happy with what I am doing. I have brought my sugar levels down and my blood pressure is very good! I was pre-diabetic, but since working with you my health has improved so much, my doctor just took me off my medication. She said I no longer need it. Thank you!!!


Quote Mark

Before coaching with Abbey, I did not know where to go - I felt lost when it came to how to progress towards my goal. Abbey provided me with a roadmap of concrete tools to work with. She helped me to recognize what's happening, how it aligns with the end result I want and that I can achieve any goals I set.


Quote Mark

Everything has changed since I started! Before coaching, I struggled with negative thinking about myself - feeling like I'm not enough. My whole life has changed because of you and our talks! I can now say that I love myself and mean it. I feel confident. My mindset is totally different, and I think if I hadn't gotten in touch with you things would still be unhealthy and I wouldn't be so happy.


Quote Mark

Since starting the program, I feel more in control of myself, my actions/reactions, and the way that I let certain things make me feel.

 Coaching has allowed me to really dig into some things I didn’t want to. I started for the “diet” situation and got so much more than I expected!


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