Energy Balance+ (6 months)

Energy Balance+ is my signature 6-month program will help you to break down the barriers that are keeping you from reaching your goals and living your healthiest life. The program is designed around your personal goals and includes a customized plan that will help you to lose weight, develop consistent healthy habits, increase your energy, reduce stress, improve your mindset and find greater balance for a sustainable healthy lifestyle. I will be with you every step of the way, motivating you and holding you accountable to reaching your goals.

This program is for you if:

  • You are frustrated with crash diets, restrictions & not getting results

  • You struggle with developing and maintaining consistent healthy habits

  • You feel anxious, stressed and as if there is not enough time in the day

  • You want to develop a sustainable healthy lifestyle

  • You fall victim to your own negative talk and finding self confidence

  • You struggle with putting yourself first

  • You are ready to feel your healthiest - in mind and body

  • You understand the value of investing in your self and a coach to provide motivation and accountability to support you in reaching your goals

You will leave this program feeling:

  • Free from diets and restrictions!

  • Younger and more energized with consistent healthy habits

  • Healthier, in your mind and body

  • Knowledgeable of what foods truly nourish your body (& what doesn't!)

  • Empowered to manage stress and balance in your life everyday

  • Confident in what your body and mind need to thrive

  • Encouraged by the strategy we have implemented to breakthrough negative thoughts and habits

  • Proud of what you have achieved!

What’s included:

  • 60-minute Health Assessment to get clear on your goals and lay the foundation for a personalized strategy

  • Twelve 45-minute private coaching calls (2/month)

  • Weekly email/text check-in

  • Unlimited email and text support between sessions

  • Each call will focus on your goals, progress towards goals and defined action steps to keep you motivated and get you to the next level

  • Healthy recipes and meal prep ideas to support balance and reduce stress

  • A goal setting planner and a variety of other workbooks to track your progress


What Clients Are Saying

"I just got home from the doctor and she is very happy with what I am doing. I have brought my sugar levels down and my blood pressure is very good! I was pre-diabetic, but since working with you my health has improved so much, my doctor just took me off my medication. She said I no longer need it. Thank you!!!" ~ Mindy F.


"As a busy working mommy of a three year old, who tries to be balanced, I look forward to connecting with Abbey. As someone who stresses too often about most things, I appreciate Abbey’s guidance and reminders that the most important moments of our days are having a relaxing cup of coffee or listening to the laughter of little ones; the most important moments of our weeks are pizza and movie Friday nights or long walks on the beach; the most important moments of our years might consist of bunny-shaped pancakes or making holiday cookies before breakfast. I always feel more energized after talking with her. She has helped me to manage my stress.  She guides my perspective and reminds me to dig deep and focus on what is important to me and my health. 

-Camala W.

"I filled my husband in when he came home and he is so pleased he said I should sign-up for another 6 months to make it a year with you!"~ Andrea S. 

“Abbey has been such an inspiration and has offered me support across many areas of life.  I suffer from Rheumatoid Arthritis and also suffered a heart attack two years ago. She has been there motivating me, coaching me and providing helpful tips and guidance along the way.  She is an active listener and her advice and wisdom have helped me get through some tough times both mentally and physically.


I can’t say enough about Abbey, she is such a positive person, terrific listener and really cares about her clients wellbeing and happiness.  She has made my life better and I couldn’t have accomplished what I have without her by my side! “


-Amy D.