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8 Healthy Habits You Can do Anytime - Anywhere

There are a million and one things you can do to start feeling healthier today. But a million and one things is also very overwhelming and when we feel overwhelmed, we rarely take effective action - if we take any action at all.

Healthy does not need to be hard. What I have discovered for myself and what I see over and over again with my clients is that simple is most effective.

Simple is manageable. Simple keeps us coming back for more. Simple works.

Here are 8 simple healthy habits that you can do anytime - anywhere without the overwhelm.

  1. Eat more plants

  2. Stay hydrated

  3. Prioritize sleep

  4. Take time for yourself

  5. Get outside

  6. Spend time with the people you love

  7. Laugh - a lot

  8. Journal (be sure to enroll in the Gratitude & Growth Journaling Course!)

What simple, effective habit will you prioritize?

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