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Welcome to Gratitude & Growth
a self-guided journaling Course

build a mindset of gratitude & growth to bring your goals to life

Ready to shift your mindset to an empowering place of gratitude & growth?


If you feel stuck in a place you don't want to be. If you are weighed down by stress and guilt, are tired of making excuses and feeling held back by the negative little voice inside your head - or maybe, you want a new perspective and a clearer mind, the Gratitude and Growth journaling course is for you.

This guide is designed to build a mindset that will bring your goals to life and help you to become the woman you want to be - without the guilt or the stress. You'll shift from feeling lost and behind to knowing exactly who you are, what you want and how you're going to get it.

There are no excuses this month - there's just you, your goals, gratitude and growth.

You'll leave this course with...

clarity on your goals, what you want and who you want to be. 

No more feeling lost about what you want or what you need to do to get it - this will become so clear, you will wonder how it was ever in question. 

a newfound belief in yourself & who you are meant to be

You'll stop wishing and hoping and start believing. You'll train your mind to see who you are and what you are really capable of.

confidence in your ability to handle whatever comes your way

Every step of the way will build your confidence. The things that once stood in your way, will no longer scare you. You'll anticipate them - and you'll be ready for them.

a mindset of gratitude, growth & inspiration to keep it going

It won't stop here. You'll condition your mind to think like never before, you'll be inspired by gratitude and growth and keeping it going will be a part of who you are.

What's inside:

A complete self-guided journal that can be printed and used as many times as you'd like

30 Days of Journal Prompts that will take you through

  • Your goals & a vision for your future

  • Becoming who you are meant to be

  • Learning how to fail & overcome obstacles

  • Taking fearless action towards your goals

  • Keeping it going

Weekly video modules walking you through the focus & prompts for the week ​

one-time payment of $78 

Why Gratitude & Growth

If you've taken all kinds of actions that you thought were going to get you the results you want and you're still not there, Gratitude & Growth is just what you need. 

It's a powerful practice of deep self-discovery that's available to you anytime, anywhere - and will help you to not only explore your goal, but who you are, who you want to be and what's been standing in your way.

Journaling has become an important part of my daily routine. When I shifted to a daily journaling practice, my thoughts started to come to life. I started to uncover those sneaky little thoughts that were holding me back. I was able to get them out of my head and onto paper so I could work on reframing my mindset to better support who I want to be.

Journaling helped to ground me in gratitude for what is and inspire growth within me, knowing that even if things are good now - they can be so much better - and when things are challenging it reminds me what I'm capable of and all that I have achieved.

This course is designed to help you do the same, so you can live your healthiest, most confident life - while living the life you love.

I hope you'll join me this November for a journey of self-discovery, gratitude & growth.

one-time payment of $78 

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