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5 Pillars of Energy: Food

In my practice, I work with my clients on 5 Pillars of Energy:

  1. Sleep

  2. Movement

  3. Thoughts

  4. Joy

  5. Food

These 5 Pillars can either boost or deplete our energy, depending on how we approach and care for them on a daily basis.

Together, we tailor an approach that works for their individual lifestyle and goals but always with an eye for increasing energy levels where and when we can.

Often times, these 5 Pillars of Energy can feel out of our control - like they are things that happen to us, when in reality these are some of the things we have the must control over in our lives - even when we don't think we do.

When these pillars are in alignment, that increased energy we are seeking falls into place.

It takes work, it takes focus and it takes practice but it works.

All 5 Pillars play a critical role in our energy levels - and food is an important one.

So often we turn to food when we are feeling down, when we are stressed, when we are looking for a boost in energy but unless we choose the right foods for our body - this very act of trying to boost our energy will quickly deplete it leave us feeling even more stressed then when we started.

In order to avoid this, we have to focus on foods that nourish our body. When we focus on fueling our body with the nutrient-rich foods it needs - our energy levels increase - and the more we do this, the longer they are sustained.

How we do this is unique to each individual, but here are some guiding principles pf the Food Pillar that you can follow to help boost your energy:

  1. Focus on color: the more diversity of color and plants you consume in your diet, the more nutrients your body is absorbing and the more energized you will feel. Every color supports your body in a different way so filling your plate with bright, beautiful (natural) colors of the rainbow is truly doing your body (and your energy) good. #eattherainbow.

  2. Slow down & pay attention: our bodies know exactly what they need, but all too often we are too busy or pre-occupied to notice - even when our bodies are screaming for attention. Slow down & pay attention is not just for driving - it's important to implement when you eat too. Take a moment to enjoy each bite. Bring awareness to your hunger levels and how you are feeling before, after and during each meal or snack. These small steps go a long way when it comes to boosting your energy.

  3. Be mindful of highly processed foods: notice I said "be mindful" not "get rid of" - this is very important. Life happens. We're human. Completely eliminating processed foods/snacks may not always be feasible or welcomed. The goal here is not to make them the enemy, it's simply to keep YOU in the drivers seat. Highly processed foods are specifically developed to tap into a bliss point that will have you reaching for more. If we do not eat or snack mindfully, this can take us down a very dark path that often leaves us feeling guilty, full or with our energy crashing down after a short period of time. Being mindful of what we are eating and how we are eating helps to shift food from being energy depleting to energy boosting.

One of my favorite ways to boost energy through food - and increase the amount of fruits and vegetables I consume - is by incorporating smoothies into my diet. Smoothies have proven to be the perfect balance my body needs for long-lasting energy and creating delicious new flavors has become a passion of mine. If you've been following me for awhile you are well aware that smoothies are my love language. Scroll through the blog for one of my recent favorite recipes, check out my Instagram for many more and if you are catching this before May 31, 2021 sign-up for my 5-Days to More Energy Smoothie Challenge to see how smoothies work for you!

And don't forget to tag me on Instagram so I can see your delicious creations!

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