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Your Body is Amazing

This past weekend I rode over 80 miles on my Peloton (yes, 80 miles on a bike that doesn't go anywhere!). It was a voluntary commitment. It didn't support a charity. It wasn't a competition. I simply chose to commit to 80 miles and I showed up for 2 straight days until I reached my goal.

It was my second time participating in this event. Last time I rode 50 miles. This time I committed to more - for a challenge but also because I knew I could.

And I did.

It challenged me - both physically and mentally.

My legs got tired and my thoughts tried to take control - tried to force me to give up. Throughout the entire 80 miles I was reminded of just how amazing our bodies truly are.

Riding 80 miles (especially on a bike that doesn't move) may sound crazy to you - or maybe it sounds like a piece of cake. Maybe you're not riding 80 miles like I did. Maybe you're not even riding (or running or walking) one mile. Maybe you are running marathons or ultra marathons. The where and the what don't matter. That's what makes our bodies so amazing.

No matter how we feel about them, no matter how we treat them, no matter where we are or what we are doing - our bodies show up and fight for us every day.

Feeling sick? Your body is working in overdrive to stay healthy.

Feeling tired? Your body is working hard to recover for tomorrow.

Feeling strong? Your body is working to keep you energized so you can level up.

No matter what - your body is working for you. Always.

I recently had a client tell me she realizes that she is "stronger than she thinks" (#proudcoachmoment). While she is still on her journey, she is proud of how her strength and how her body has been showing up for her every day. She's pushed harder than ever before and it's made her realize just how strong her body is.

Our bodies are amazing. They do amazing things. And when we take care of them, they can do even better.

No matter where you are right now. No matter how you feel in this moment, remember that you are strong. You are capable of being and doing whatever you want. You can do hard things. Your body knows this better than anything else.

Do not let your thoughts control you. Do not allow them to make you quite. Tune into them and ask your if they are serving you and your goals. Do you believe that you are capable of doing hard things - that your body is amazing?

I sure do and the next time - I may just go for 100 miles.

If you are struggling to believe this. If you want to believe this. If you want to believe this deeper - reach out to me. Let me help.

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