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When quitting isn't an option

One of my clients decided last week that “quitting is not an option”.

She’s done that - over and over again - quitting led her to eating a bag of chips to make herself feel better, only to find herself feeling worse than when she started. It caused her to scroll on her phone and get lost in comparison instead of moving her body. It’s caused her to feel stuck for far too long.

Quitting is no longer an option - and when quitting is not an option, there is NO WAY you won’t reach your goals.

What if you believed there was no breaking point - no point in which you would decide it’s not working - no point in which you would give up.

Take a moment to reset - imagine what your life would be like if this were true.

Imagine what your weekends would be like, how you would feel on Monday morning or after a long day. Imagine what your days be like - what would be different.

What would you do TODAY if quitting wasn’t an option?

Go out and do that.

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