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What to do when it feels like it's not "working"

When we finally decide to take steps to create the change we want to create in our lives, we often expect the big, flashy, immediate results. When they don't come, we are quick to become frustrated, that same old story of "it's not working" comes back around and we give up before we were ever able to realize the change.

This is the pivotal moment. This is the moment that you have to remind yourself that the steps you are taking are worth it. They are working.

The most impactful change in our lives is subtle.

It's a better night's sleep. It's longer lasting energy. It's making decisions that make you feel proud. It's realizing you're satisfied before you clean your plate or go back for seconds - or that you're bored and not hungry or that getting out of bed and moving your body is going to make you feel so much better than hitting snooze. It's finding the answer within you and trusting yourself enough to listen.

These changes are subtle and powerful.

They change who you are, the way you feel about yourself and the way you think, they change your habits, your health and your life.

The year is going to continue to go by - choose to go with it. Choose to take small impactful step after small impactful step.

It matters. It's worth it. It's working.

3 months from now your life could be completely different. 6 months from now you may not even recognize it. 1 year from now, you'll be glad you never gave up.

Take that next impactful step, join Confident Mind & Body.

You are worth it.

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