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The biggest change you'll experience

The biggest change you experience is not the number on the scale, or the amount of calories you eat or don't eat. It's not the time it takes you to run a mile or how heavy you can lift.

The biggest change you experience is in the decisions you make.

It's in the decision to respond instead of react. It's deciding to slow down instead of run on the hamster wheel. It's taking a moment to decide what you really want vs. what you want in the moment. It's making a decision you are proud of - a decision that makes you feel good.

It's deciding to be one step ahead of where you once were.

Every goal you have is made up of 10,000 small decisions.

Make decisions that move you forward.

Make decision that have you look at your life completely differently in 3 months.

Make decisions that change who you are in 6 months.

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