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How Small Steps Helped Me to Reach My Goal

It's not a new concept that small steps lead to big results.

We've all heard this.

Deep down we know this.

And yet, we can so easily forget it.

We can so easily go back to focusing on the BIG goal - to jump into the deep end - to doing ALL of things and we forget the small steps.

But it really is about the small steps.

The small thing we can do to progress towards our goal.

In 2021 I focused on the small steps - every day - to reach my goal for the year.

Here's my story...

In January 2021, I set an intention to prioritize time for myself

To help break this down, I committed to doing a Peloton workout every day for the year - a commitment to myself, my health and to feeling GOOD.

On December 31, 2021 I completed my 365th day.

365 days of showing up for MYSELF.

And it feels so good.

And I have no intention of stopping there.

The past year taught me that you can always find time for yourself.

Some days it was 60 minutes, some days it was 5.

But it was always possible.

And it was always worth it.

For 365 days I found time to show up for myself - at home, on the road - even while on ferry traveling down to South Carolina.

For 365 days, I created space for myself.

Whether it was a spin class, a walk, a run, some strength training, yoga or a quick stretch or meditation, I created the space.

But it was always a commitment- to me.

It taught me that it's not about the big win at the end of the day, it’s about all the small steps along the way … all 365 of them in my case.

As we begin 2022, begin it with possibility. With possibility that you are capable, that you can prioritize yourself, that you can reach your goals.

And if you are ready to commit, message me to schedule a call to learn how my 1:1 coaching program can help.

Happy New Year here’s to a healthy one!

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