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Mind the Gap

There is a big gap between what's on your plate and what ends up in your mouth.

Between setting your alarm and getting out of bed.

Between putting on your workout clothes and moving your body - between moving your body one day and moving your body regularly.

Between saying you're going to prioritize yourself and actually taking time for YOU.

There's a big gap between the things we really want and the things we do.

This gap is filled with thoughts.

Thoughts that either motivate and inspire you into action or thoughts that leave you feeling stuck.

Thoughts that can so quickly change "I want to" to "I'll start tomorrow".

This gap is also filled with power.

Power to shut down the thoughts that don't serve you and are holding you back.

Power to change the story you've been telling yourself.

Power to grow and see what's truly possible for you.

When my clients notice these gaps, and practice closing them, the shift is palpable.

It's as if they have cut through the chains of doubt and past failures that have been holding them back from creating healthy habits that work for them, from feeling more energized, being more consistent, losing the weight (and keeping it off!), managing their stress, from taking time for themselves and feeling healthier and more confident in their body.

When they shift out of everything that hasn't worked, they step into possibility.

They step into power to turn these possibilities into their reality.

When they mind the gap, they realize they have control - of their thoughts, motivations and their actions - and this control leads them right to their desired results.

This is available to you too.

Mind the gap - what thoughts are inspiring you? What thoughts are holding you back?

Step out of "it's not working" and step into possibility.

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