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Live your life as

If you were offered a billion dollars today but you would die tomorrow, you wouldn't take it. That means your life is worth more than a billion dollars.

Your life is invaluable.

It's worth more than you could ever imagine - exactly as it is today. Without changing a single thing. Without eating differently. Without moving more. Without losing a single pound.

Take care of your life as you would take care of anything that was worth more than a billion dollars.

Give it the royal treatment.

Give your body foods in which it functions best - foods that bring you energy and make you feel good. Foods that leave guilt and shame and the “I shouldn't have eaten that” behind.

Move your body in a way that feels good. Move it to celebrate what it's capable of not to punish it for what you did or didn't do.

Protect your body by giving it the rest it needs - and deserves.

Treat yourself, your body and your health as if it was the most priceless procession you own.

Because it is.

Speak to yourself as if you are invaluable.

Because you are.

Exactly as you are in this moment.

xx Abbey

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