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Life Lessons from The Greatest Showman

Friday night is movie night in our house. It's our time to decompress from the week and enjoy time as a family. This past week, my kids requested to watch The Greatest Showman.

I love this movie and could watch it over and over again so I didn't argue this request for one second.

Even though I have seen the movie m

any times before, I was surprised at how new it felt this time.

The story, the music - all seemed to provide a new perspective. One particular song and one particular lyric struck me with such relevancy, I knew right away that I had to share this perspective with you:

"and you know you can't go back again, to the world that you were living in"

For over a year now, we have been waiting to go back to the world that we were living in prior to 2020.

But we can't.

Not because we can't time travel (although this is true) but because we can't go back to living like we used to.

We can't go back to a world in which we took for granted connecting with our family and friends.

Where hugging became a meaningless act.

We can't go back to a world where we filled our days with to-dos and no time for rest and recovery.

A world where we let stress define us.

We can't go back to a world where we did not value our health - physical or mental.

Life needs to (safely!) return to normal, but we can't go back to this world that we were living in.

We need to re-enter the world with a focus on our health - taking care of our bodies, moving them daily, managing our stress, prioritizing sleep, spending quality time with those we love, eating foods that fuel us - not harm us.

We can no longer take these things for granted. We need to prioritize them - they are the keys to our health.

As life (here in the US) is starting to open back up, I offer you this lyric - this new perspective.

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