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Keep going: one step, one decision, one try at a time

On Friday, my little girl decided she was going swim.

She’s done swim lessons and she’s been trying all summer to swim on her own, without much success.

That all changed on Friday.

I got in the pool with her, as we always do, with little expectations other than to help her try to figure it out.

And boy did she figure it out.

She went from anchor to fish overnight. All of the sudden, it just seemed to clicked.

It didn’t matter how many times she had failed before - this time she got it, and there is no looking back.

I’ve seen this with my clients too. One day, it all clicks - what’s been holding them back, what they need to release, the belief they need to have in themselves and what they actually need to do to reach their goals.

And then they do - “almost effortlessly” as they’ve told me.

The same can be true for you too. For your health and wellness journey, for your weight loss journey, for your journey to be more consistent, more confident- stronger.

You may be one step, one decision, one try away. Your job is to keep going - to let go of expectations and timelines - until it clicks. Until it feels good, until it becomes who you are - and just what you do.

It will click.

Maybe not how you expected to or in the time you thought it would, but it will click.

You will feel healthier, you will lose the weight - you will become consistent. You will feel stronger and more confident - in your mind and your body.

Keep going.

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