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High Motivation vs. Low Motivation cycles

High motivation cycles get you results.

It's when you stop telling yourself that “nothing works” and believe you haven't found what works for you YET.

It's when you eat too much pizza and choose to move on without guilt.

It's missing a couple workouts and deciding you'll pick it right back up.

It's learning from your failures and using them to become stronger and more confident. It's knowing every step you take is progress.

It's when your belief in what's possible grows a little bit more.

When you are in a high motivation cycle, you stop waiting for motivation - instead you go out and create it.

You put aside the excuses and decide that you are in control.

You get out of bed with your alarm because that's the promise you made to yourself instead of snoozing or turning it off.

High motivation cycles allow bad days to be part of the process - without them bringing you down.

It's seeing the number on the scale not change - or maybe even go up - and not making it mean anything about you.

It's knowing that every step you take is worth it - even when you don't feel like it -because you know you'll feel better when you do it.

And some days, it's consciously choosing to slow down and rest your body.

Decisions from a high motivation cycle move you forward.

They quiet your inner mean girl and they build believe in your goal, in yourself and in the progress that you are making.

They create consistency and confidence.

They bring intention to your choices.

Decisions from a low motivation cycle keep you stuck. They come from your inner mean girl. From the belief that you can't do it - that it's not possible.

They're based on your past - all the things that didn't work.

They feel easy and comfortable, but the reality is they don't feel good at all.

Because they are keeping you from what you really want.

The goal is not to always feel good or be highly motivated.

The goal is to not let frustration, stress and the bad days stop you.

It's to remember what you really want.

The goal is to shorten the low motivation cycles - to move through them faster and with more confidence. To find motivation even when it feels hard.

This is the work of Confident Mind & Body - to create your high motivation cycle. To feel empowered to make decisions that make you feel good. To build your belief in what is possible and what you are capable of - and to remind yourself of this even when it feels hard.

All the way to feeling healthier and more confident in your body.

All the way to life you want to create.

What are you telling yourself when you're feeling motivated?

And what do you need to tell yourself when you're not?

Start here.

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