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Healthy swaps for the New Year

The New Year kicks off with newfound energy for change - and yet only 8% of New Year's resolutions are achieved.

I want this year to be different for you. I want this year to be the year you create change that actually lasts. So, I want to offer you these Healthy New Year's swaps to not only get you started, but to keep you going…

1. Instead of a New Year's Resolution, set a New Year's Intention. By definition, a resolution is a firm decision to do (or not to do) something. This definition alone feels heavy. You're either doing it or you're not. It's an All or Nothing mentality that more often than not, will leave you with nothing. Instead, set a New Year's Intention which is the act of mentally determining the actions or a result. An Intention is fluid - just like you and your life. It allows for life to happen, without ever losing sight of the end result. It allows for you to miss a day, or two (or more!) and get right back to it without feeling guilty - knowing you're showing up, you're doing it, you're finding your way - no matter what.

2. Instead of focusing on what you are going to eliminate from your plate, focus on what you are going to ADD to your plate. Focusing on what you can ADD to your plate shifts you out of feeling deprived and into feeling in control. Think more colorful foods, more vegetables, more fruits, more lean protein, more nutrient dense carbs - more balance. This will shift you from not being able to wait until it's over to being able to maintain it for the rest of your life. Let go of the guilt, the restrictions and feeling deprived and focus on what works.

3. Instead of looking for all the reasons it's not going to work, look for all the evidence that it IS working. Notice all the little shifts that are happening that are getting you closer to your goals. Notice how you feel, the energy you're gaining, the thoughts you're having, the decisions your making - notice everything that will give you evidence that you are moving closer. And when you start to compare yourself to others and their journey, shift that compare and despair to evidence of what's possible, because if they can do it - so can you.

4. Instead of focusing on the things you want, focus on who you want to be. It's not the how that gets you there. If it was, we would all be there thanks Google and all the “how to's” available right at our fingertips. It's who we are and who we want to be that creates change. It's being the woman that goes after her goals - no matter what. It's being the woman who embraces challenges and keeps going, it's being the woman who shows up for herself knowing that what she wants is important and she's worth it. Stepping into who you want to be brings out a confidence you never knew you had and has you achieving things you never thought possible.

These swaps will change you.

They'll change your habits.

And they'll change the rest of your life.

Take them and make 2023 your best year yet.

If you're ready to create change that lasts - join me in Confident Mind & Body - and make 2023 YOUR year.

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