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"Should Do" vs. "Can Do"

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

If you’re always chasing a higher standard than what you have capacity for it will never be good enough.

If you believe that you have to work out for an hour for it to be worth it but you can only ever carve out 20 minutes- it will never be good enough.

If you believe that you have to push yourself hard and break a sweat in order to lose weight but most days, your workout consists of a walk you sneak in during your lunch break - it will never be good enough.

If you think you have to make dinner every night in order to be healthy but you're on the go schedule only allows for it two nights - it will never be good enough.

But it’s only “not good enough” because you’re focusing on the things you think you “should” do vs. the things you CAN do.

But the things you can do matter most.

They’re small steps towards your goal. They’re small steps that work for you - and your life. They’re feasible. They make you feel proud and when you feel proud, you show up - you keep going. They give you a foundation that gets stronger the more you practice them and the more you practice them the easier it becomes to build on them. One small step at a time.

It’s not about what others are doing or what works for them - it's not about what you “should do”. It’s always what you CAN do - what you do, what works for you, your goals, your body and your life - what keeps you coming back.

This is exactly what we do inside Confident Mind & Body.

We create your foundation, we release any comparisons, judgement or guilt and we build - in a way that works for you, in a way that changes you and your habits for the rest of your life.

It all starts with a free consultation where I listen to exactly where you are and where you want to be - and I lay the road map for how to get there. Then it’s up to you to decide if you’re ready - no obligation or pressure - only support for you and what’s possible.

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