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Flexibility: the key to success

This past weekend, I spent a night in New York City with two of my best friends – our Mother’s Day tradition. It was a short getaway but it was perfect and so very much needed.

While so much of the city remains the same there are clear signs of change.

The streets are not as busy. The sounds are much quieter and many establishments have shut their doors never to re-open.

As I walked around Soho I was struck by the one thing that allowed those that remain to endure the hardest of times. Flexibility.

These small local restaurants adapted, and they did so repeatedly for as long as they needed.

They turned parking lanes into rustic outdoor taverns, they set-up sidewalk cafes and transformed small parking lots into whimsical gardens that magically transported you away from New York City.

They bent - but they did not break.

This is a lesson for all of us.

Flexibility is what drives success.

It allows us to modify again and again until we find what works – no matter how long it takes.

Too often, we view change as failure. We stop when challenged. We shut our doors never to open again.

Our goals go unrealized.

The weight remains.

The new routine never takes off.

Our stress remains high and our energy low.

Life remains out of balance – until eventually, we break.

Do not allow yourself to break.

Give yourself the gift of flexibility.

Bend and then bend some more – and keep bending until you reach your goals.

Because you can.

If this resonates with you, if you're ready to make a change - if you're ready for flexibility, I offer you a complimentary call to learn how my Energy, Balance + program can support you to reach your goals.

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