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Discomfort Avoidance

The reason you feel stuck.

The reason why you aren't making any progress.

The reason why you lose a couple pounds only to gain them back or consistently workout out for a week or two only to fall off track - isn't because you don't have the “willpower”. It's not because you're not the type of person who can “stick with it” or who will "never be consistent".

It's because you're comfortable.

You're choosing the comfort of it being “fine” over creating the habits, the confidence and the life you really want.

As a health coach, I see this with my clients all of the time. Women just like you.

You know what you need to do but you aren't doing it because it's more comfortable not to do it - you're "fine" with the way things are.

It's “fine” if you carry those stubborn pounds for a little bit longer.

It's “fine” if you start and stop every other week.

It's “fine” if you don't prioritize yourself.

It's “fine” if you don't do it this week - you'll get to it.

But you never will.

Because you're avoiding the discomfort of doing it.

I get it. We like comfort - we spend a lot of money for our lives to be comfortable.

It's “fine” the way things are.

But it's not…. and how you know this is that you have a goal. You have a goal for something more - to feel better, to feel healthier and more confident in your clothes, in your body - in your every day.

So, ask yourself - is it really "fine" to walk around with the weight that you want to lose? Is it really "fine" to feel like you are always failing and needing to start over? Is it really "fine" to never be a priority?

Are you really comfortable being “fine”?

Be honest with yourself.

Because what you will find is that in an attempt to avoid discomfort you are living in discomfort.

You're choosing the long-term discomfort of not losing the weight, of never being a priority, of not feeling confident in who you are, what you do or what you look like - over short-term discomfort of change.

You're choosing the results you have over the results you want.

If you want change. If you are tired of feeling stuck and you are ready to make progress, then you have to let go of it being “fine”.

You have to make peace with it being uncomfortable - knowing this discomfort won't last.

And on the other side is the confidence, the habits and the life you want.

Are you ready? If the answer is yes, if you're ready for change - I invite into Confident Mind & Body. There is never a better time to join.


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