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5 Tips to Manage your Stress

This week has been an emotional rollercoaster following the horrific news out of Uvalde, TX. Like you, I'm sad and angry and frustrated and so much more by the news.

And as difficult as these days can feel it's important to remember to take care of you. Your kids need you now more then ever, your family needs you now - the world needs you now.

Here are five simple stress management tips you can come back to over and over again - because taking care of your stress is taking care of you.

  • Move your body. exercise is a perfect stress reliever. Find movement your body loves and come back to it often.

  • Get outside. getting some fresh air, being out in nature lowers your stress-hormone cortisol, decreases your heart rate and boosts your mood.

  • Journal. Spending just a few minutes putting your thoughts on paper can relieve stress and open your mind to your inner thoughts - helping you to acknowledge them, feel them and reframe as needed.

  • Meditate. Just a few minutes in meditation or a couple deep belly breaths can melt the stress away almost instantly. take time to tune into you - and breathe.

  • Rest. Listen to your body. rest it when you need it. allow yourself proper time to fully rest and recover so you can feel your best.

Take one, take them all, take what you need - today, tomorrow… everyday. Take care of you.

If you are feeling overwhelmed with stress, reach out to schedule a free call. In Healthy Mind & Body we work together to identify stressors in your life, to anticipate them and to take steps to overcome the so they no longer knock you down. Schedule a call to learn more.

xx Abbey

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