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4 things you need to ditch to reach your goals

There are four reasons that stand between you and your goals.

Four reasons why you struggle to stay consistent, why you aren’t taking time for yourself - why you’re feeling stuck and frustrated:

  1. You make excuses more than you take action. You tell yourself you are too tired or you’ll start on Monday. The excuses become who you are - making it feel so hard to be anything else.

  2. You’re caught up in restrictions - believing this is the only way to have control over food or to lose those last pounds. You cut out your favorite foods and you count down the days until you can stop.

  3. You feel guilty for eating pizza instead of making a salad, for finally being home with your kids and wanting time for yourself, for seeing friends when you have a to-do list and the thought of not getting it all done, stresses you out.

  4. You’re comparing everything you do (or don’t do) to everyone else. You’re looking for all the evidence that you’re doing it wrong -that it’s not enough, and everyone seems to have it all together but you.

You spend more time making excuses than taking action.

You focus more on what you can’t do than what you can.

Every ounce of the guilt you feel steals from your motivation.

And every comparison takes you further from enjoying the life you love.

We clean all this up inside Confident Mind & Body.

The excuses, guilt and comparison - they never fully go away but you become the person who has the confidence to not waste time, energy and focus on them.

You become confident in who you are and the decisions you make - in knowing what makes you feel good and choosing to do more of it.

You’ve made enough excuses, the restrictions haven’t worked, you’ve sat in enough guilt and comparison and now it’s time for change.

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