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3 "rules that don't actually make you healthier

When it comes health and wellness there are a lot of "rules" that claim they will make you healthier, when in reality all they do is cause confusion and stress.

Here are three of these "rules" that have no place in my life and you may want to evaluate if they belong in yours:

  1. "Stay away from carbs - they'll make you gain weight"

  2. "Avoid fruits - they are too high in sugar"

  3. "Don't eat after 7pm - it's bad for your metabolism"

These "rules" create more confusion than good.

Carbs are your body's favorite source of energy. There are certainly higher quality carbs that will provide you with more fiber and nutrients to fuel your body - think brown rice and quinoa - but avoiding carbs all together will most likely leave you only wanting carbs.

Somewhere along the line, fruit has become the enemy. People are being told to avoid fruit because it's high in sugar and will cause weight gain {insert shock face emoji here}. Yes, fruit contains sugar but it also contains fiber and powerful vitamins and minerals your body needs. If you are gaining weight or struggling to lose weight, fruit is not the issue.

And let's talk about eating after 7pm. For many of us with busy lives, eating after 7pm is inevitable. And even if you eat earlier, there may be times that you find yourself hungry again after 7pm and that's OK - eat! Ignoring your body's hunger signals for any reason typically causes you to overeat. If you are feeling hungry, eat something. The most powerful thing is not to enforce "willpower" over your hunger, it's to tune into your body and fuel it with nourishing foods when needed.

Remember, your body is unique and these "rules" do not take this uniqueness into account. Any "rule" that does anything other than make you feel your best should have no place in your life

As a health coach I help you to break-down these "rules" and find what works for you - what fuel you with energy and helps you to feel your best. If you'd like to learn more about this process, I invite you to book a complimentary call.

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