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3 Reminders to Start Your Week (and every other week)

As a health coach, a mindset coach, a woman, a mom and a human being - here are three reminders I want to offer you to get your week started and I encourage you to come back to them over and over again....

(1) YOU are just as important as them. You are just as important as those little mouths you feed - the ones you want to give the best of the best. The ones you want the best for in every aspect of their lives. The ones that you would do anything for. You are just as important as them. They want you to feel your best, they want you to be taken care of and just like you, they would do anything for you. They want to see you taken care of. They want to see you moving your body and feeling good. They want to see you happy and loving life. They want you to feel important because you are - just as important as them.

(You are also just as important as your partner and your boss and that email you have to send before you can leave work and that one last thing you have to do on your to-do list. You are just as important. If something needs to go - don't let it be you.)

(2) What you do the majority of the time matters most. Your days do not have to be perfect. If you slept in. If you missed your workout. If you enjoyed too many sweets or cocktails and it's making you feel guilty - let it go. Move on. You don't lack willpower. You didn't “fall off track” or “ruin everything”. You have more control than you think. The majority of your day - of your week - matters more than any one decision you make.

(3) What you can do TODAY is enough. You don't need to work out for an hour or cook an elaborate meal. Your house doesn't need to be Pinterest Perfect, and your plates don't have to be Instagram worthy. Somedays the best we can do is to catch our breath. Whatever today brings let it be enough.

Which one of these reminders did you need the most?

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