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12 Days of Change - Day 9: stop waiting, get started

Tired of waiting until you're ready? This one's for you… To stop waiting around and just get started here's what you need to do: Set a goal (and be specific!). Be honest about what you really want. You don't just want to “lose weight” - you want to feel amazing in your favorite pair of jeans, you don't want to hesitate to put on the short dress for a night out - you want to stop avoiding having your photo taken so you can capture every memory. You don't just want to take time for yourself. You want a moment to decompress so you no longer lose your mind every time your kids ask for a yogurt only to tell you they hate yogurt by the time you get it out of the refrigerator. You don't just want to workout. You want to gain muscle so you can carry all the groceries into the house at once avoiding multiple trips out to the car - or to carry your sleeping child to bed without waking them with your weak, struggling arms. That's how specific I want you to be. Then list all the things that will be different when you achieve this goal. You're not only going to feel good when you put those jeans on - you're going to wear them more. You're going to get out of the sweats and start dressing for the woman you want to be - it's going to bring more energy to your life. You're going to eat better, move your body more, laugh with your family and spend more time with your friends because you feel amazing. When you take time for you, you're not only reducing your stress, you're creating the ability to be more present with your kids and those you love - you're creating memories. Strength isn't the only thing you gain when you workout. You gain focus, organization, better sleep, more days in your life and life in your days. Write it all down. And finally - decide that you want this all RIGHT NOW. You've just described changing your life - why would you ever wait for this? Decide nothing more important. “This is exactly what I needed”. “This changed my life”. “I wish I would have found you sooner". “I can't believe this is my life now”. “This is such an epiphany”. Take it from my clients - these changes are worth it. You are worth it. Right now. Let's do this.

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