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12 Days of Change - Day 5: drinking more water

We've talked about some big changes so far but let's not forget the basics. Drinking more water. You know you should. You've probably even tried - maybe even a lot. You've bought all the “on trend” water bottles thinking they would help - and they did for a while but then you started leaving them behind. You'd fill them up and then forget them on the counter or in your car. Then you started forgetting to fill them and before you knew it, you forgot all about your goal to drink more water. So, here's how you change it. You make a plan. Decide how many ounces of water you want to drink per day and how many glasses that equates to. Then you start with the first glass. Commit to that first glass. Focus only on that first glass - until you nail it. Until that first glass is just something you do. Then move onto the next. Rinse and repeat. One glass at a time. And if you're thinking… “yea, but I want to drink 80 oz. of water a day!” I get it, you're going for the big goal and that's awesome, but you can't get to 80 oz. without first drinking 8 oz. Start with the 8 oz. And keep going. Believe that with every 8 oz. you are making progress - you're getting closer and closer to 80oz. Because you are. And this time it won't feel hard. This time, you won't forget about it. You'll hit the goal before you know it and you won't even have to think about it anymore. This is true for water - and any other habit you want to create. Decide what you want, commit to it - and start small. Be willing to take small step after small step with trust that it's working, and you will get there. In Confident Mind & Body, my private coaching program, we break down your goal (no matter what it is) into small achievable steps and without the overwhelm, you'll achieve your goal…and this time, you'll stick with it.

Are you ready?

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