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12 Days of Change - Day 4: taking time for YOU

You're busy all the time - there is so much you need to do. Everyone wants something from you at all hours of the day. You have no time for yourself. You hit snooze multiple times and you still have to drag yourself out of bed. You graze on snacks all day because you don't have time to sit and eat. If you're lucky, you pick up something quick for dinner - otherwise you're shoving the kids' leftovers into your mouth and at the end of the day all you want is to collapse on the couch. You're stuck in a cycle of exhaustion. You feel tired all the time - so you do things that make you feel tired. You need to break this cycle. You need to take care of you - you need to come first. When you start taking care of you, your energy will shift. You'll start eating foods that make you feel good instead of the ones that make you feel like crap. You'll focus your energy on moving your body instead of making excuses. You'll treat your body with care and it will care for you. You're probably thinking “I don't have the time” - and as long as you tell yourself this, you'll never have the time. But I want you to try a different story - because I want you to stop feeling so tired. I want you to start believing that you can find time for you, that it's worth it. Decide that you're worth it. Then look at your options - where could you find time for you? If your child was invited to a birthday party - how would you find the time to make sure they didn't miss it? If your boss dropped an extra project on your desk - how would you find the time to complete it? Apply this same approach to taking time for yourself. Even if it's just 5 minutes, because one day, 5 will turn to 10 and 10 to 20 and 20 to 60 -especially when you realize how good it makes you feel If you can find the time for things that steal your energy, you can find the time for things that bring you energy. And now is the time. Join Confident Mind & Body and put yourself first this year.

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