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12 Days of Change - Day 3: losing those stubborn pounds

You can't seem to shed those stubborn pounds. You've tried everything but nothing works. You're starting to think you'll always weigh this much, and you'll spend the rest of your life avoiding the mirror. It's feels so hard. And the weight stays on. Of course, it does - it's too hard to keep trying to lose it, so you give up before it comes off. You believe food has all of the control. You open the cabinet and eat ALL the things. You go back for seconds and thirds - even when you don't want them, and you end up in the drive thru line because it's easy. You're not losing the weight because you're not taking the necessary action. Instead, you're spending all your energy circling back to what doesn't work - believing it's too hard. But believing it's hard takes more energy than finding what works. When you are constantly fighting the thoughts that it's hard, that nothing works, that you are always going to be this way - you exhaust yourself. It makes everything feel hard. And you lose any control you once had. But food is just food. It has no control. It's not hard. When you change “nothing works” to “I haven't found what works YET” and “I'll always be this way” to “I can do this" and “this is hard” to “this can be easy” you start to feel empowered. And when you feel empowered, you take productive action - action that keeps you out of the drive thru line and in control. Actions that make you feel good - that keep you going. Actions that create change - that finally help you to lose weight…and keep it off. In Confident Mind & Body, my 1:1 coaching program, my clients master the art of taking productive action. They shift their energy out of “it's not working” and into “it's always working”- and they get results. They lose the weight - and they keep it off. Are you ready for this? Schedule a free consultation to get started.

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