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12 Days of Change - Day 2: consistency

Let's talk about consistency.

You've tried being consistent before. It goes well for you the first couple of weeks, maybe even the first couple of months. Then life happens.

You miss a few days. You tell yourself you'll start over on Monday, but Monday comes and goes and before you know it, it's months later and you're still saying, “I'll start on Monday”.

Sound familiar? Of course, it does - we've all been there!

But hear this... you are not stuck there and here's how you can get out...

First you have to address your thoughts.

When this happens, you're probably thinking… “I always do this”, “here we go again”, “it's too hard to be consistent”, “screw it - I've already messed up”.

And then, you give up.

But change happens when you refuse to give up. It happens when you allow yourself to “mess up” and keep going, without beating yourself up - and without any guilt.

It happens when you start thinking “I didn't get to it yesterday, and that's OK - I can do it today”, “I'm not starting over, I'm picking it back up”, “this can be easy".

Find the thoughts that work for you - that keep you going.

Then use these thoughts to create your plan. Define what consistency looks like for you - is it every day, a few days a week, are you showing up at a certain time, or doing a certain thing? You get to decide.

And once you've decided on a plan - commit to it, no matter what.

This doesn't mean things won't come up or change or you won't miss a day - it means that even when that happens (because it will!), you stay committed.

You keep going.

You refuse to give up.

You become consistent.

Do this work - find your thoughts and your plan. Commit to it. And join me in Confident Mind & Body, my 1:1 coaching program where you'll stop giving up and start being consistent once and for all.

It all starts with a free consultation call, where I breakdown exactly what's been keeping you from reaching your goal (no matter what your goal is) and the exact plan I'll walk you through to achieve and maintain results. Click here to schedule your call.

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