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12 Days of Change - Day 12: All In

Are you all or nothing?

If you are AND you want to break out of this cycle of starting and stopping and starting only to stop again, this one simple shift will change your life…

Instead of all or nothing, shift into all in committed.

What's the difference?

All or nothing means you are either doing everything or you're doing nothing - which always leads to nothing because doing it all is a heavy load to carry.

All in committed means you are committed to your goal - no matter what.

It means that when life gets busy - you pick it right back up.

When it feels hard - you find the strength.

When a problem arises - you look for a solution.

When it feels like nothing is working - you celebrate the victories you've had.

When you feel like a failure - you look back at how far you've come.

And if it takes longer than you expected - you keep going.

All in committed always keeps your feet pointed in the right direction, it carries you closer to your goal - and always leads you somewhere.

This is the thing that makes my clients so successful.

On the hard days - they recommit. When most people give up - they remember why they started. When others give into guilt - they overcome it.

They believe their goals are possible - that they are capable and that every step is working. They release the judgement they once had, and they focus on what's next. They always keep going.

If it sounds too good to be true, it's not.

In Confident Mind & Body you create the belief that your goal is inevitable. You develop a mindset of success, and you establish clear and simple actions that always move you towards your goal. And with all the support and accountability you need, you keep going - no matter what.

You can choose all or nothing, but we know how that goes. This this time - choose all in commitment.

All in on your goals. All in on you.

This is all you need.

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