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12 Days of Change - Day 10: being healthy, having fun

Being healthy gets a bad rap. I often hear that being healthy “is so boring”. And sure, if you restrict all your favorite foods, eat the same things over and over again and force yourself to do things that aren't for you - it's going to be boring. And nobody sticks with boring. But being healthy can be fun - and it can fit within the life you want to live. Being healthy isn't meant to be boring, it's meant to bring you more energy and make you feel good - so you can enjoy the life you love. Fun healthy options are all around you. Here are some of my favorites… Riding my peloton. Kayaking on a hot summer day. Playing music and having dance parties with my family as I make dinner. Grabbing coffee and going for a walk with a friend. Letting the kids pick veggies from the farmer's market to include in meals. Riding bikes with my family to our favorite breakfast spot. Hiking with my pup. Racing my brother-in-law in the annual turkey trot (and winning!). Enjoying a night out with my friends - without feeling guilty about it. Becoming a coach and witnessing the amazing changes my clients make. But the most fun I've had being healthy is… Defining healthy in my own terms. When I let go of comparison and all the “right” things I “should be doing”, I stopped judging myself for things “not working” or for it “taking too long” and I found what worked for me. The scale stopped bouncing all over the place - and so did my mood. I started looking for the fun - and I found it everywhere. And I've never felt better. That's the most fun thing I've done - and the best change I've ever made. It can be for you too. Join Confident Mind & Body. You'll define what healthy is for you. You'll create a clear and simple action plan that allows you to find what works for you - filled with things you want to do while living the life you love. You'll create an empowered mindset that keeps you going - all the way to success. You'll have all the support and accountability you need to reach your goal and you'll gain confidence to maintain it - for the rest of your life. And best of all - you'll have fun. This time, choose fun -choose change that LASTS. Join me.

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