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When less really does equal more

We think we need an hour (maybe you think you need even more) to get in a “good workout”.

We think we need to push ourselves hard, get out of our comfort zone and walk away super sweaty in order for it to be worth it.

But what if it doesn’t have to be intense or time consuming?

Sometimes less really does = more.

When we think we need an hour or more, when we think we need to push ourselves hard and it needs to be intense and none of that fits into our day - when schedules are busy and work and kids need us - when life is life-ing, we end up doing nothing.

Because we don’t have the time - because it’s overwhelming.

But when you let go of the all or nothing - and focus on what you CAN do TODAY, you do SOMETHING.

You find the time that works for you instead of telling yourself you don’t have enough time.

You go for a walk while your kids are at practice instead of scrolling your phone.

You slow it down and give your body what it really needs instead of what you think is necessary.

You tell yourself “that was enough” instead of “it's not worth it”.

And on the days it’s really not possible, you move on instead of beating yourself up.

You show up consistently. You clear your mind and boost your mood. You take care of yourself and because you did, you take care of everyone and everything even more.

Sometimes less really is more.

Take away the complication. Take away the “should” dos. Make it simple. Then go out and find the time for you.

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