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What I Wish all Women Knew about Confidence

I wish all women knew that…

Confidence isn’t found at the end of a long to-do list.

It’s not found on the scale or from the perfect meal plan.

It doesn’t come from a promotion or your paycheck.

Confidence comes from recognizing that the woman you wanted to be, has been within you the whole time.

I remember not being able to wait until I found the thing that would bring me the confidence that I wanted.

We love to think this - that the easiest way to build confidence is to find something out there that will make us confident.

But this is the long - and the hard way.

We spend so much of our time and energy searching for it, only to be disappointed when we (once again) don’t find it - when that time and energy could have been spent so much more valuably in building confidence within us.

In an unshakable way.

That no to-do list, scale, meal plan, promotion or paycheck can take away.

When you work with me - that’s the confidence you build, that unshakeable change is the change you create - and nobody or anything else can take that away from you.

We create it one step at a time.

We put aside all the “shoulds” - we quiet the noise.

We focus on YOU - your body, your life, the time available in YOUR day - like you never have before.

You build confidence in your decisions, in your body, in the habits you are creating and your ability to maintain them - for the rest of your life.

That’s the confidence you deserve it.

That’s the confidence you build through coaching. Message me to join Confident Mind & Body.

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