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Switch from "it's not working" to "I'm figuring it out"

How many times have you set a goal - started out really motivated - even kept it going for a couple weeks, maybe even a couple months and then - life happens.

When life happens, we start start to lose motivation. We get caught up in being busy. We go back to snoozing our alarm. We miss workouts. We overeat because we are stressed and overwhelmed - and then we pile on the guilt.

We start focusing on all the things that aren't working - the reasons why we haven't been able to stay consistent, why eating healthy is so hard, why we haven't lost the weight.

We start telling ourselves that we'll never be able to do it, that we're too busy, we don't have enough time, that we'll get “back on track” when things calm down.

We start blaming our circumstances - work, kids, schedules - for our decisions.

We get stuck in this vicious cycle that makes us feel defeated - and we start believing it's not possible.

We make it mean something about us - it becomes why we're inconsistent, why we have no control around food - why we can't lose the weight.

We focus so much on it not working that we forget to focus on figuring it out.

This is t he cycle I help my clients to break free from of inside of Confident Mind & Body.

Creating habits that work for you, that you make you feel good, habits that you are confident you'll be able to maintain can take time. But it also requires you to rewire your brain - to rewrite the stories your inner mean girl serves up.

It's reminding yourself that when you think nothing is working that you're committed to figuring it out.

It's building belief within yourself that it's possible - even if you've never done it before.

It's celebrating the small wins - the choices you make and the way you are handling things better than before.

So on the days that you doubt yourself, you can come back to this place.

You can have compassion for being brave enough to go after what you want without YET knowing how you're going to do it - and you can remind yourself that you will get there.

You will figure it out.

Because, this time, you're not going to stop until you do.

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