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Healthy made simple

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

Creating healthy habits can be simple.

I often see my clients overthinking and over-complicating things. It's why they come to me - they're seeking simplicity - they've been making it harder than it needs to be.

You set a goal and you take a step in that direction. You bring awareness to what worked, to what felt good, to what made you proud and created a positive ripple in your day, your week - your life.

You release judgement of what didn't work. What you thought would feel good but didn't, what you thought would be easy but felt hard - what you thought you wanted, but wasn't for you. You let go of guilt, shame or thoughts of failing.

You make a conscious choice to move on. To build on what works and change what didn't.

It's simple. You commit to one step at a time. You keep yourself always pointed in the direction of your goal.

When that inner mean girl tries to turn you around, you stay the course.

You question why you're making it complicated.

One of my clients recently discovered she was complicating things because she had the thought that there was a “right way”. This is just a judgement placed on your journey.

There is no right way - there is only the way that you make right.

Choose to make it simple.

Pull yourself back. If you knew, without a doubt that you were going to achieve your goal, what step would you take TODAY to move yourself closer?

Do that - just that one step. Make it simple.

This is the daily work we do inside Confident Mind & Body. We set a goal and a simple and effective plan - focusing on one step at a time. The moment it becomes overwhelming, we find the thought that's making it complicated. We quiet that inner mean girl.

We bring control back to where it belongs - to you.

To that one next step.

Keep it simple.

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