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Give yourself permission to slow down

It's OK to not do anything.

It's OK to slow down, to pause, to give yourself time to figure out what the next best step is for you.

It's OK to not rush into anything.

It's OK to not do something just to do it.

It's OK to not “feel like it” - and to not judge yourself for feeling this way.

It's OK if you don't know what to do.

It's OK to give yourself time to figure it out.

In a world of next day delivery and instant gratification and a go-go-go mentality, you have permission to slow down, to stop, to take a moment - to do nothing.

You have permission to take a rest day or two - or a week if that's what you need.

You have permission to Netflix and Chill in order to rest your body.

You have permission to pause and reflect on what you really want and how you want to get there.

Sometimes doing nothing is everything you really need.

And if others are seemingly “passing you by” - let them. Just because they are going “fast” doesn't mean they are going far.

Sometimes slowing down and giving yourself permission to do nothing is exactly what you need. Sometimes it's the thing that allows you to keep going, to regain your energy, to come back stronger, to speed up, to remember what's important - and to celebrate how far you've come.

Give yourself time. Give yourself permission. Give yourself what you need.

I hope this releases some of the pressure and drama and overwhelm of feeling like you need to do it all. And I hope, if you're ready, you'll join Confident Mind & Body because this is just one tiny little slice of the way we think inside this program and it will rock your world and change the way you show up for yourself, your body and your health forever. If you're ready, schedule a consultation today - your transformation begins on this call.

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