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5 Tips to a Healthier More Confident Life

Are you ready to feel healthier and more confident - and live the life you love?

Here are 5 healthy tips to implement to do just that.

(1) stop telling yourself that you have to “make-up” for things that you did (or didn't do) while enjoying your life. Had a great time over the weekend and over-indulged in food or drink? It's OK! There is no need to "make-up" for anything - simply acknowledge what happened, what worked for you and what didn't - and decide to move on, without any guilt.

(2) remember that food is just food until you make it something else. It doesn't have a mouth so it's not calling your name. It doesn't have eyes so it's not there just staring at you. It doesn't have a brain or any capability of controlling you. And it has no conscious to make it good or bad. It's just food. Say “yes” when you want it" and “no” when you don't.

(3) don't believe what that negative little voice inside your head is telling you. She's repeating your most practiced thoughts and if they aren't making your feel good or inspiring you to do things that make you feel good - it's time to change the narrative.

(4) nobody has it all figured out. Behind every “put together” woman and polished post on Instagram there is doubt, chaos, frustration and a whole lot of “freak out moments”. The goal is never to not have these moments - the goal is always to know that you will get through them.

(5) you deserve to be taken care of. You deserve to be a priority. You deserve to invest in yourself - to feel good, to feel confident in your habits and in your body - in your decisions and in the way that you show up for the world. And those that you are giving everything to want this for you too.

Pick one item from this list and commit to implementing it every day. Notice what changes. Take what works and build upon it by adding on another next week.

If you don't know how to do one of the above - or that you're not good at it, figure out where you can learn to get better (hint: join Confident Mind & Body).


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