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12 Days of Change - Day 8: quiet your inner mean girl

I once heard that women have seven negative thoughts about themselves every day. I was shocked - I didn't believe that could possibly be true. I had WAY more than seven negative thoughts every day - I probably had seven before I brushed my teeth in the morning. Every time I looked in the mirror, criticism used to scroll through my mind like it was on an old-time movie projector. Thinking back on this breaks my heart a bit. Not only for the negative self-talk that filled my mind but for the things I missed out on because of it. That self-talk robbed me - and it's robbing you too. It's robbing you of the things you want - of the things you are capable of doing. You're telling yourself “You're not good enough”, “you're too this or too that”, you're telling yourself that you need to change in order to be happy. And when you lead with these thoughts - this judgement - you may start, but you certainly aren't going to see it through. That self-talk doesn't leave when you start to take action - it only gets louder. “You're not good enough” turns into “it's not working” or “it's never going to work”. You get frustrated and you give up - giving yourself even more ‘evidence’ that “you're not good enough”. In order to create lasting change, you have to first quiet that inner mean girl. When it shows up (because it will), you have to decide you're going to turn that projector off and start a new one. You have to start looking in the mirror and seeing all the things you like about yourself - this one may feel hard but if I can do it, I promise you can too. You have to find the place of “I can be happy now and still want to change”. I've taken this journey myself - and if I'm honest, some days it feels like I'm still just starting out - but I always bring it back to these three things: Quieting that negative voice Looking in the mirror for what I like Starting from a place of being happy with exactly where I am This process has changed my life. It's changed my body -and most importantly it's changed my mindset. I stopped judging myself for all the things I'm not and started to appreciate all the things I am. If, just like me, you want to quiet that inner mean girl, if you want to become more confident - feel healthier and happier and like what you see when you look in the mirror than you want to join Confident Mind & Body. When you join this program, you will learn to love yourself in a way you never thought possible. You'll stop judging yourself and start inspiring yourself. You'll develop unshakeable confidence that allows you to feel healthy and confident - while living the life you love (without any diet plan or restrictions!). Don't wait to feel this good. Click here to schedule a free consultation to get started.

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