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12 Days of Change - Day 6: doing hard things

You want to lose weight but it's so hard to feel in control around food.

You want to be more consistent but it's so hard to be when life is busy.

You want to work out more but it's so hard to feel motivated.

You want to wake-up earlier but it's so hard to get out of bed.

You want to change but it just feels so hard.

I want you to know this - change is going to feel hard.

And that's OK.

This feeling of “hard” is your brain pushing back because it's faced with something it doesn't know. Our brains like the comfort of what is.

But what is, isn't what you want - you want to change.

And this is how you do it - even when it feels hard…

Stop judging yourself when it feels hard. It's hard because it's different - not because you aren't capable. And you want something different. So let it be hard. Release the judgement. And know that hard means it's working - you're changing.

Bring awareness to the thoughts you are having. Maybe you're thinking “I can't do this, this is too hard” or “I'm never going to change”. I get it. We all have these thoughts. And when you believe them, you lead with judgement. You don't lose weight or start working out, you don't wake up early and you can't find the motivation because you think you're a woman who can't change.

But these are just sentences in your head.

Replace them with sentences that support you AND your goal. Instead of “this is so hard” try “maybe this could be easy” or “it may feel hard, but I know this is what I want”. When you believe it's hard, you resist - and the thing you want falls to the wayside.

But when you clean out these thoughts you start to find all the ways it's possible - maybe even easy. You release the judgement you once had, and you start to do things you didn't do before.

You start to change.

Be willing for it to feel hard. Don't let it scare you. Don't make it mean something negative about you. Let things feel hard. Accept it, embrace it - then celebrate the fact you can do hard things.

And remember, it may feel hard now, but soon it won't. Soon you won't even be thinking about it anymore. Soon it will be the thing you "just do".

I teach my clients how to stop judging themselves, how to become aware of their thoughts and rewrite their story - believing it's possible and they are capable. When this belief is part of your self-concept, you create the result of being the person who ALWAYS achieves her goal. The scale goes down and stays down, you become the woman who exercises regularly and has energy to get her through the day. You become consistent.

It starts when you stop judging yourself.

I can help you with this. Schedule a free consultation and learn how to judge yourself for the last time so you can feel healthy and confident and live the life you love.

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