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A New Perspective

I have never been a big fan of Halloween - it’s just never been my thing.

But this week we took our kids trick-or-treating and I saw it from a completely different perspective.

I saw the pure joy & excitement as they ran the streets experiencing life in the moment.

I saw the pride they felt in showing up in their costumes that so uniquely represented who they are.

I saw so much energy without any of the stress.

I saw the kindness of strangers - making the night special for people they never met - and may never see again. I watched as they opened their doors and accepted every child with appreciation for their individuality.

I saw goodness being hand out over and over again - without any expectation of a return.

I saw all the things we want more of in life.

I saw a new perspective.

And sometimes a new perspective is all we need.

Sometimes a new perspective changes everything. And sometimes - when we finally see it, we wonder how we ever lived without it.

I know this is true for me. When I stopped looking at my body and thinking of all the things it wasn’t and started thinking of all the things it was - things changed. When I stopped looking at movement as punishment and started looking at it as enjoyment - things changed. I changed. I let go of so much stress I was carrying around, of unnecessary pressure of trying to be something I wasn’t. I gained confidence and so much more enjoyment of my life.

Just one shift in your perspective can change everything - and that shift may be just what you need for everything to change. This is the power of coaching. This is the power of feeling better than ever before. This is the power of perspective.

Schedule a free consultation and let’s create a perspective you can’t live without.

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