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I work with women, like you, to address the negative thoughts and limiting mindset that comes with change. The thoughts that have you quick to believe it's not working. The thoughts that tell you it's never going to work because nothing has worked before. The thoughts that allow you to give up too soon, before change even had a chance. 

I help you breakdown these thoughts and start to shift your mindset to empowering beliefs. Beliefs that will make you feel more confident in your body and in your mind. Beliefs that will get you results.

I help you to become aware of how your body responds and what works for you and we use this as the foundation for lifelong healthy habits.

I help you to select the foods that will fuel your body, boost your energy, help you to manage your weight and make you feel your best.

I help you to discover how to show-up for yourself consistently - even when things feel tough - so that you get the results you want.

Your goals are the foundation of my program. Scheduling begins with a 60-minute consultation that sets the stage for your personalized transformation. 
As your coach I'm with you every step of the way - inspiring you, challenging you, holding you accountable and empowering you to make positive, healthy changes in your life.
With my help you will:
  • break-free from the negative mindset and limiting beliefs that have held you back in the past
  • bring awareness to what works for you and your unique body
  • learn how to fuel your body for energy and health
  • discover how to move your body out of enjoyment, not punishment
  • learn how to prioritize yourself
  • understand how to show-up consistently for yourself
  • gain back control

What Clients Are Saying

"Abbey is so wise and caring! The way she listens to me she shows she really cares and gives me full attention and space for me to express myself. Her words are wise. Her experience as a busy working mom and wife is vast. It really helps me feel like I'm not alone and that there is light in the end of the tunnel! When you meet her, you can tell that she is, at the same time, determined to support you and to keep you accountable about the steps you need to take to reach your goals. I absolutely recommend her to be your coach!" Poliana M.


You've Made it this far so you must be serious about making a change! Yes!

To jump on a free consultation  by clicking the link below. Scheduling a call does not require any commitment to my programs. The purpose of this call is:

  • for us to get to know one another 

  • for me to better understand where you are and where you want to be

  • to learn what you have tried in the past and for you to understand why these things didn't work.

  • for you to learn more about my coaching style and how my program can change your life

  • for me to determine if I would be the best coach to help you achieve your goals

  • for us to discuss pricing & next steps if we decide it would be a great fit to work together

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