Meal Planning & Prep: start your week off right!

Meal planning and prep doesn't have to be time-consuming. 

Following these three simple steps can set you up for a week of success and provide you with the freedom to focus your time and energy on what's important to you.

Use the below tips to start a strong foundation that works for you:


  • Plan your meals: take a few minutes to plan your meals for the week. Decide what meals your going to make on what days and what days you will have leftovers...cook once eat twice to save time!


  • Prep veggies: purchase your favorite veggies/ones you know you are going to use throughout the week. Chop (or buy pre-cut veggies to save even more time!), roast, steam or grill as preferred so they are ready to go and easy to grab. Use in entrees, as salad toppers or for snacks. No matter how you use them, you're setting yourself up for some healthy choices throughout the week!


  • Make some whole grains: whole grains are a great way to ensure quality carbohydrates and fiber in your diet but they often have the longest cooking time. Making a pot of quinoa, brown rice or farro in advance can go a long way in saving time during your busy week.