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group health coaching for women, mindset coaching for women, weight loss

group coaching with Abbey Heagney

you, me and up to 3of your friends

for 3 months

...feeling healthy & confident has never been so fun


Creating the results you want - finally putting yourself first, taking time for YOU, losing weight, staying consistent and creating healthy habits that actually last - doesn't have to be hard or can be fun.


There are two essential components to change:

Internal Motivation and External Support.

 3 for 3brings you both.

You'll discover and internal motivation like never before - unwavering motivation that you will be able to find anytime, anywhere.

You'll get super clear on what you want and why you want it.

You'll create the vision for what your life will be like when you get it (because you WILL get it).

Whether your goal is to make yourself a priority, create healthier habits, lose weight or gain confidence - 3 for 3 will deliver. You'll know exactly how you get it - and how you keep it.

And you'll leave wondering how you ever lived any other way.

You'll receive personal support, accountability and encouragement from me as your coach - along with up to 3 of your friends.... strengthening your network of support like never before.

Making reaching your goals simpler, more effective - and more fun.


Inside 3 for 3 you'll....

learn to quiet your inner mean girl and become the amazing hype girl for yourself that your friends are for you

shed the guilt that comes with taking time for yourself - you'll learn to embrace it knowing when you put yourself first - everyone else gets the best of you

gain confidence to go out and enjoy dinner and drinks without any of the restrictions, dreaded deprivation or guilt you once felt

create healthy habits that are simple and effective and that fit within the life you love

you'll create consistency that feels good

gain more energy to keep up with your kids, your friends, work - life!

feel comfortable and confident in your body - in a way that allows you to enjoy every little moment of your life

prioritize YOU with the support from women you love

And we're going to do it together - you, me and up to three of your friends. 

For  3 months

How it works

Grab up to three of your friends who are ready for change - who want to take time for themselves and feel healthier and more confident in their bodies, their decisions, their habits and their life.

Register below and then check your email for next steps (confirming your friends, scheduling your calls and payment details).

Together we'll spend 3 months coaching on your unique goals (and no, you and your friends do not need to have the same goals.)

You'll receive 12 weekly live small group coaching calls (45 minutes each) with me and your friends AND you will each receive one private 45-minute coaching call during the 12-weeks of 3 for 3.

Outside of the coaching calls you will have text and email support from me - and the support of your friends who are right by your side on this journey...the ultimate win/win.

You'll learn everything you need to know to quiet your inner mean girl and feel healthier and more confident while living the live you love.

You'll leave feeling empowered, healthier and more confident.


Most importantly, you'll finally create healthy habits that allow you to live the life you love. You'll be done with the emotional start/stop struggle and the guilt that so easily comes with putting yourself first.

Within 3 months you will give yourself the gift of the internal motivation and external support that will help you through any situation - and the gift of knowing what is possible when you put yourself first. 

Are you ready? Grab your friends and let's go!

Enroll Today for $1800 (payment may be split in any way you need among you and your friends)

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